Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wooohoo! Internet from my couch

I know what you are thinking... "You finally paid and got internet?"
And the answer is: Nope. But I finally worked on my antennae and now I can steal wifi from the privacy of my apartment again. Know what that means? More blogs!

Are you excited? Oh, because I sure am! ha.

See you soon. Going to watch some horror movies. I'll update soon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inner self

So, this is me. Well... kind of. This is what happens when I am waiting for downloads to finish in Barnes and Noble after I am done writing a blog...

Facebook creeping?

I'm going to start this one off with an obvious fact: The internet is making it easier to be more and more invasive by the second. Also, I am aware that writing this blog only furthers that fact.

Now, to the story! I was sitting in Cheddar's, not 20 minutes ago, and some people were seated at the table across from me. Their waiter came over and I realized that I knew him from somewhere. After a few moments, I remembered where from. I met him one time through a friend, Jeoi, that I haven't talked to in months. I decided to be a facebook creep. I hunted through Joei's page for a good 5 minutes looking for him, and then almost gave up. Then decided to just search "Cheddar's" on facebook. Second thing on there is a big ol' picture of him. Stu. Met him one time, he's standing about 4 feet away, and I have his life on my phone. Pictures, statuses, etc. How creepy is that? 5 minutes and I know all about a stranger just from knowing where he works.

I couldn't help but message him to tell him of my creepy findings. Basically just "Hey, I met you one time, facebook creeped and found you, thought you should know". Then I started really thinking. How far could I go with that? Yeah, I recognized him from a party, so I looked him up. But what if I had been some murderer? Now I know all about you just from seeing you in a uniform. Kinda weird.

That being said, I am not a creepy serial killer, haha. So I won't go hunting him down, but still. Do we make it a little too easy to find ourselves these days? Maybe put a little too much information online?

I suppose I'm not the person to answer those questions. First thought after spelunking through his life? "I have to blog this, haha". 

Final summation? It's getting easier to know someone from the internet then actually talking to him. Which is probably a bad thing. If you meet a new person and talk to them, what do you find out? Maybe where they work, their name, their hobbies? Facebook and other such sites; you find out their whole lives. Where they go and what they have done, and will do. Normally updated at least daily.

I remember when 'internet friends' were just someone you met online, with no intention to meet. You'd say "I know him online, but I don't really know him" Ha, I guess that's not really the case anymore.